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  • Compressors and condensing Units

We offer compressors and units from renowned manufacturers with capacities from a few hundred watts to several hundred kilowatts.

Our offer includes devices airtight Tecumseh, Embraco and Danfoss scroll compressors and units for these compressors (Emerson.) For larger installations we aggregate semi-hermetic Bitzer and Bock and units multi-compressors Rivacold, individually configured according to customer needs. The offer closes screw compressors Bitzer.


  • Heat exchangers

Offer coolers and condensers into account in the practice of any use of refrigeration. We have coolers for small cold store (Rivacold, Kelvion Cuba), storage chambers for fruits and vegetables (Kelvion Cuba Thermokey), ending with industrial applications (Kelvion Cuba Güntner). These devices, depending on refrigeration technology and customer expectations can be delivered in a variety of configurations, eg. With heaters and without, with EC fans, with a tray insulated, protected against corrosion in stainless steel version and so on.

In addition, we offer SWEP plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube Bitzer and WTK.


  • Control and monitoring components

Offer automation includes all the necessary components for proper operation of refrigeration and air-conditioning. These include mechanical and electronic expansion valves Danfoss and Emerson, control valves, shut-off, feedback and safety Danfoss and Castel. We offer filter driers and Emerson, Danfoss, the electronic strerowniki these companies, and other system components as thermostats and pressure switches, oil separators, liquid separators, control systems, oil level etc.



  • Tools, instruments and service equipment

We are a provider of high-quality professional control and measurement instruments from Testo for diagnostics and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, providing the user with fast, effective and comfortable measurement work. A comprehensive offer allows you to choose the right measuring device that will work in all conditions, also in hard-to-reach and tight places.

Professional service tools of CPS for ir conditioning and refrigeration. A comprehensive offer for the necessary technical equipment of every serviceman and company from the HVAC sector. Modern tools of Rothenberger for processing copper pipes for installers in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, meeting the highest quality standards and requirements of professionals.


  • Copper pipe and insulating materials

We are a provider of high-quality pipes German company KME, satisfying not only standard pipe cooling, but also the standards of pipes for medical gases. We also offer a full range of insulated pipes in circles. There are a range of storage of pipes and fittings for refrigeration systems for CO2. For "normal" refrigeration recommend copper fittings companies Sanha and IBP (Connex Bänninger). We have insulation Armacell and Kaflex.

Offer installation materials is also a binder of copper and containing different silver handles for pipes, gutters and a variety of other accessories necessary for the installation of refrigeration and air conditioning as brackets for air conditioners and the base of the units.