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About us

About us

In the organizational structure of the Company, two departments: Marketing and Sales, which are strictly connected with each other, can be distinguished. The Marketing Department is composed of three so-called Divisions, which are responsible for separate markets, defined according to a product criterion. Refrigeration Division, a part of Company Headquarters in Warsaw, is responsible for marketing of refrigeration equipment. The marketing of air-conditioning equipment is coordinated by the Air-Conditioning Division in Wrocław, while the Refrigerants Division in Sopot is responsible for the refrigerants market, which also deals with blowing agents and propelling agents for aerosols.

The Sales Department is formed by a network of twelve Branches. Each of them has unlimited competencies as to the range of products, however, their geographical areas of operation are strictly defined. The Branches are responsible for direct customer sales support, as well as for execution of orders and deliveries.
Each of Schiessl Polska branches is composed not only of a sales office but, first of all, of a warehouse and a shop with components, spare parts, accessories and tools necessary in a day-to-day activity in the scope of R&AC installation and service. Each branch is also a refrigerant distribution station, which provides a while-you-wait service of filling gas cylinders with most frequently used gases. 

The central logistics warehouse of Schiessl Polska Sp. z o.o., with a modern refrigerants and propellants distribution station that meets all safety and environmental standards, is located in Środa Wielkopolska near Poznań. It includes a warehouse with an area of 3500 m2, allowing the storage of 3950 pallets on five levels, technical rooms, office and social facilities with an area of 300 m2 and is capable to refill a few hundred tons of different cooling gases a year.

The most valuable asset of Schiessl Polska, deciding about its current market position and, above all, about a potential for further development of the Company, is a young team of employees, who have excellent professional qualifications and are committed to their work.

Not only a young age and enthusiasm decide about the value of the team, but also the knowledge and skills of all employees working in the Company.

We employ over 100 people, and three quarters of them have university diplomas. Among them, there are more than 50 graduates from technical universities, including 35 engineers specialized in refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering. 

In the year 2000 our company was admitted as the first and only representative of Poland to the International Refrigeration Wholesalers Organization-IRWO which, for almost fifty years now, has been the ground for sharing information and experience for wholesalers from all over Europe.

We are co-pioneers and active participants in a nation-wide program for the recycling and reclamation of refrigerants under the auspices of Foundation for Climate Protection - PROZON. Within the realized project, a centre for the reclamation of gaseous refrigerants and an analytical laboratory have been activated. Hundreds of service-firms have been equipped with professional tools for the recovery of substances harmful to the ozone layer. Over 2000 servicemen have been trained in the environmentally friendly procedures and techniques in operating refrigerating and air-conditioning equipments.

Our company is also co-founder and an active member of the trade association called the National Forum for Refrigeration, whose main goals involve the protection of the rights and interests of the R&AC sector, its representation towards government institutions and entities as well as the integration of branch companies.
Today KFCh has 130 members, mainly small and medium companies dealing with installation, service, sales and production. They employ, in total, over 2.5 thousand people, and their total turnovers exceed PLN 1 billion a year.

  • We offer the widest range of choice in devices, components, accessories and gases for cooling and air-conditioning
  • Our suppliers are renowned world-class producers of compressors and condensing units, evaporators and condensers, air-conditioning equipment, control and monitoring devices, refrigerants, installation materials as well as all other elements vital to building of any refrigerating or air-conditioning system
  • We assist and serve all our business partners with extensive knowledge, advice and legal matters relating to the ecological and technical aspects of their operations
  • We are co-founders and active participants in a nation-wide program for recovery and recycling of refrigerants under the auspices of “Prozon”  Foundation for Protection of the Ozone Layer

 We assist and help in solving technical problems

  • Our employees are top-brass and highly qualified specialists, always on hand to give the right advice and help in the design and building of refrigerating and air-conditioning installations
  • We choose the optimum devices and components as well as refrigerants and heat transfer media, based on selection programs of our suppliers updated with proper knowledge and the long-standing experience of our engineers
  • We apply modern, energy-saving and environment-friendly technical solutions, taking into account the client’s individual needs and requirements
  • We offer help with the gas recovery and modernization of installations for the use of new and ecological fluids
  • We cooperate on a stable basis with the best and most experienced designers, installers and service companies, whose sublime knowledge of R&AC technology is a guarantee for obtaining optimal work conditions of a system

We operate full scale in refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, offering equipment of any productivity.

Our products are show-case devices in many buildings such as:

  • meat, poultry and fish plants
  • processing and storage of fruits and vegetables plants
  • refrigerated and frozen food stores
  • milk, sweets and baking plants
  • breweries and soft-drinks factories
  • synthetic materials processing plants 
  • chemical and pharmaceutical plants 
  • shops, super markets and shopping malls
  • hotels, restaurants and bars
  • health centers
  • public utility buildings
  • ships and buses

Our professional care for the client is expressed by quality products and services we offer, as well as our concern for the natural environment  and widely accepted interest of the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector


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